New Leash Ambassador Dogs

Special Appearances by Franco, Sparky & Shortcake


Franco at the house of represenatives

Making friends in high places.


Sparky Visits Taggart Elementary

Say “Cheese!”

Shortcake Adoption Meet Event

Shortcake at the PDP 22nd Class Adoption Meet Event

The “eyes” have it.


If you would like an ambassador dog to visit your school, office or special event please fill out the form below.

Please note there are a limited number of opportunities for visits.

A Message From Rosie

Thank you to all of my fans for your support through donations, medical
assistance, volunteering, and love. Dogs are resilient animals and I learned to live in the moment and
not look back. I loved my life every day due to the care and support of New Leash.

Though I cannot be with you in person, I am always with you in spirit.

Love, Rosie

 Rosie 2009-2020 – Always Remembered, Never Forgotten. 

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